More Background-Information beginning with alburm covers

Hi there,

Deezer is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. I discover so much music every day. I love it. What frustrates me, though, is that you can't even look at the album cover properly, let alone get further information about the musicians. There could be something more here, couldn't there? You have all the great music, you have the team, the access, the resources. Why can't Deezer be more and more comprehensive and provide more detailed information about the musicians and the music (similar to the lyrics)? Even if it's just a well-sorted list of links. But better still (and also in our interest) in the Deezer cosmos itself, so that you can listen to the music without interruption and at the same time learn more about the music and the musicians, their time, cross connections, etc. That must be possible.

Apropos, while I'm at it: I am quite impressed by the quality of the results of the Algorythm. But why can't I save the suggested wait/playlist, for example?

Well, I've never listened to so much good music so conveniently. But once I get a taste for it, I'm sure it could be even better. Try harder. Okay? Thank you!

Kind regards

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