[OnePlus 3, Android 9] Shared Links dont't open App on Android

  • 16 Januar 2021
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Some month ago, the links to share music, playlists and so on via app did change to the format “deezer.share.link”. Sadly the new link has not been added to the “supported links” in the app so the browser (I use firefox) opens when i click on a shared link. As far as I know, this problem does not exist for the ios version and is pretty easy to fix just by adding this link.

Currently supported links on my phone (OnePlus 3, Android 9) are preprod.deezer.com, www.deezer.com and orange.deezer.com. I am a beta-tester and currently using Version

I thought this was a temporary thing first, but it has no been changed yet and is at least existing since 4 or 5 month. I share links with friends frequently and I’m pretty annoyed by having to open the browser first and klick on “open in app” every time.

Can you please open a ticket for your developers and fix this problem with one of the coming releases. As already said, I assume that this problem is quick and easy to fix.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @beck2play, sorry for the late answer. Do you still have the issue? Also, you might want to check out the English speaking Deezer Community, you’ll find there is a forum for Beta testers, here is the link:


Thanks a lot for your support